Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes to build a custom home will be determined by the size and type of your new home. If we’re building from your floor plan or custom-building, then on average, depending on the complexity of the build, it could be 7 to 9 months.

Before buying land to custom build a home, there are a few things you should ask:

• Are there utilities on site such as water, sewer, gas, and electric?
• Is the property zoned for residential?
• Does the township charge for tap fees?
• Can a septic tank even be approved for the soil type of this property? What type will be required?

If you’re planning on building a custom home in Great Falls, Silver Stone can carry a construction loan. We also recommend you speak with several lenders to determine the best financing for your situation. We have a list of lenders that we prefer and have a relationship with. Call us for more information.

The closing process for a custom home is very similar to a real estate closing. A real estate closing — also known as a “settlement” — is the process by which the title is conveyed from the seller to the buyer while both the buyer and the builder and typically takes place prior to start of construction. The buyer signs the note, mortgage, and all other papers required by the lender, and the seller signs the deed and delivers it to the buyer, thereby conveying ownership. A lien waiver is filed and this allows the builder to start construction following a successful closing.

Yes, you can visit your new home during construction. We do regular visits with you and our staff throughout the home building process.

Absolutely. Your new home will include a 1-year limited warranty. We’re one of the only—if not the only—builders in the Great Falls area to offer a warranty on custom built homes!

No, you’re welcome to have an agent, but you do not need one to build your custom home. If you have real estate questions, you are welcome to contact us or your preferred Real Estate Agency or an agent/broker.

Schedule a time to chat with us. It’s that simple to get started. We’ll talk about floor plans, design style, square footage, and the area you want to live in. Architects, Engineers and house plans come after this first meeting.

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